Shih Chung

Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang


From a once-stately mansion, to a building occupied by the Chinese Consulate in Penang,then a posh boarding house, before being turned into a hotelin 1910, and finally a school in 1950, the Shih Chung was one of the grandest five-storey mansions on Northam Road in its heydayandstands as one of Penang’s many preserved heritage buildings todaythat’s laced with many colourful pasts. As a developer which never ceases in pursuing unparalleled beautyand refinement, Asia Green tends to go out of its way to seek finesse and flair beyond flamboyance. That ambition has transpired into the intention to build one of the best hotels in the region, a landmark with rich historical origins and asymbol of Penang’s identity for travellers that stepped foot on this beautiful island.Shih Chung’s revered repertoire and original grandeur exude a charm that is inimitably its own,fulfillingevery prerequisiteto produce the perfect 5-star experience for guests with exceptional tastes.